Cloud and web-based software consulting - announcing Aviron Software

Aviron Software logo

I'm so excited and pleased to announce the formation of my software consulting company, Aviron Software.

It sounds cliche, but this has been something I've dreamt of doing for a long time. I'm very grateful that the opportunity presented itself and I'm so proud and pleased to let this blog post be my ribbon-cutting.

Aviron is a French word meaning "rowing". The word is meaningful to us because it directly reflects Aviron's goal - to move our clients forward by providing best-in-class cloud- and web-based software solutions. Oars may or may not be involved. :)

As usual, there are many people to thank, but a couple of folks stand out. Above all, my wife Susan, who has supported this dream and is ready to step into the role of being spouse to a small business owner. And of course my good friend Jeff Strauss, who has provided critical direction and advice for the formation and maintenance of a fledgling software consultancy.

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