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Building Microservices in ASP.NET Core

Design and build microservices using ASP.NET Core.

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Building REST APIs with ASP.NET Core

Design and build a scalable, testable, and robust API solution using ASP.NET Core and C#.

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Designing REST APIs

Learn how to design, build, and maintain APIs that developers will love to use.

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From Monolith to Microservices in ASP.NET Core

Having trouble scaling and maintaining your .NET monolith? Learn how to pragmatically break it apart using microservices.

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Modern C# Patterns and Practices

Maximize your team's effectiveness by learning modern and pragmatic patterns and practices using C# and .NET.

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Transitioning from Legacy ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core

Using ASP.NET WebForms or "legacy" ASP.NET MVC? This course will help you and your team transition pragmatically to ASP.NET Core.

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