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Building REST APIs with ASP.NET Core Workshop

This workshop is all about implementing a scalable, testable, and robust API solution using ASP.NET Core and C#. We’ll start with the fundamentals of REST and REST API design, including design considerations for a multitude of use cases, no matter if you’re creating single-page applications, mobile apps, or simply exposing your data for integration. Then, we’ll dive into a series of hands-on exercises designed to get you up and running on building RESTful APIs using ASP.NET Core and C#. Finally, we’ll review essential tools within the API development ecosystem that are designed to help you test, maintain, deploy, and document your API - all in just a couple of days!

From the developer who’s never worked with a RESTful API (or an API of that kind for any matter!) to a seasoned API developer, this workshop will have something for everyone! Come prepared to learn and practice implementing an API that can be used to back systems of all kinds.


  • API Design best practices and important considerations
  • Intro to ASP.NET Core API development
  • Designing responses back to the client and implementing them
  • Using CQRS to create a testable, scalable API development experience
  • Versioning your API - exploring the API life cycle and building your project for versioning success
  • Securing your API - considerations and techniques
  • Testing your API using Postman’s test platform and ASP.NET Core’s integration testing framework
  • Building/deploying your API to the cloud
  • Documenting your API using OpenAPI/Swagger tooling